Gods, Mortals and Mutts

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Gods, Mortals and Mutts

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The Third 'short' book in the Gods, Mortals and Mutts series



‘Well, that went well,’ said The Creator, as he and his assistant watched rocks fly in all directions.


Nearly fourteen billion years ago, the universe was born.

About ten billion years later, as things cooled, in a gloomy corner of a remote galaxy, planet Earth staggered into life and The Creator’s ‘Great Experiment’ got under way.


Now, about 4.5 billion years later, it’s time to assess just how Earth has progressed.


The Creator is joined by his right hand man and his left hand dog (yes, dog – all is explained within). They sit down to a series of meetings to digest the successes or otherwise of the Blue Planet’s evolution. A series of articles by Jo, a Human of modest talent, and Frank, a dog of vision, help flesh out Earth’s progress.


They discover that flora is an unqualified success.

However, the animal kingdom’s development is less successful, particularly a branch called human beings, whose evolutionary journey has been somewhat unpredictable.

A snippet from the book ........ 

During a meeting between The Creator and his second in command......

‘OK, lets move on, said Aidrian. ‘So, regarding the evolution of both fauna and animal life, all was progressing pretty smoothly till a couple of million years ago when something called Homo Erectus appeared. They were an illogical and peculiar development and we weren’t sure whether The Prince (referring to The Prince of Darkness, the Devil himself) had a hand in messing about with some unwilling creature’s DNA. However, despite being irregular creatures, particularly in the early days, the Uprights were happy enough. They developed opposable thumbs, particularly important when playing darts and spanning an octave on the piano. Simultaneously they developed a higher intelligence than many other strains of fauna and soon realized that they could take over. They decided they needed to dominate, rule over the other creatures, even the weak of their own kind.