Biography of an ageing blob

To many people's surprise I have published six books, four of which are autobiographical and two novels.

Three relate to our boating adventures and one, published in August 2021 about my cycing escapades called:

A Bike at Large - Ordeals on Wheels


Two further novels are written, the first of which. Twice Removed, is with the editor. The second is nearly complete.

I also write articles - or pieces! Some daft, some serious, others poignant. Occasionally they are vaguely comprehensible. I add new ones periodically.


The truth is that it took till well into my sixth decade to have something worth writing about. Previously I could have written about all my business successes, but that could be covered in one sentence, phrase even. 

I could rave on and on about my sporting achievements - that's another dozen words!

It was only when we took the ludicrous decision to take to the water that anything of vague interest surfaced.


In some respects, writing about our own adventures is more difficult than making something up from scratch. When you create characters and situations you are unrestrained, limited only by your imagination (which in my case is a bit of a problem). Writing about me and my wife I have to work within testing parameters, such as telling the truth.


We spent twelve years living on boats. On two narrowboats we trundled round the waterways in the UK and on our 110-year-old Dutch barge we did our best to destroy the infrastructure in Holland, France and Belgium. We saw some extraordinary places and met many wonderful people, some of whom were prepared to speak to us. In fact, looking back, the whole things seems like a warm and wonderful dream.


At school, frankly, studies didn't go too well. Stupidly I preferred to propel different shaped balls around with various implements, like hands and feet. An educational own goal if ever there was one.


I was a baker for ten years, then worked for a company organising sports events, mainly golf and cricket.


Jan and I both lived in Littleborough, Lancashire for thirty years but we'd never met till I ruined her chances at a quiz night when I joined her team – and the rest is history (or science and nature, or sport...).

We moved to Shropshire, to a hamlet just north of Shrewsbury, in 1995. It was a dark period in our lives when Jan was dangerously ill and we needed a positive change to make us look forward. The two of us, plus our new rescue dog, Bonny, hid ourselves away and worked like crazy while Jan fought her battle. Through her courage and maybe a slice of luck, she endured, thank goodness.


We renovated a house, sold it and moved onto our first narrowboat in 2003 having bought the shell and fitted all the inside out ourselves. I wrote monthly articles for Canal Boat Magazine while we travelled around the UK. After I was sacked for an 'editorial misunderstanding' I had to find another outlet for my itchy fingers.

The result is my books.

I'm lucky. The magazine editor's lack of judgement was wholly to my benefit. In fact not long after the books came out I was able to buy an island.

I'm now the proud owner of a roundabout in Rochdale!


Amazingly and humblingly (I'd be surprised if that word got past the editor.... oh, it has) people have said nice things about the books.


The three boat-related books are wonderful reminders of the times we've had – maybe they'll inspire you to try something different.


My original website is still active..... A Barge at Large


Here are links to all the other things we get up to. There are short stories, articles on a variety of topics (some serious others daft) and a fairly comprehensive photographic record of our boating days in the UK and on the continent, in Holland, Belgium and France.

We give talks on our boating experiences and give the proceeds to a couple of charities close to our hearts.


Throughout our years living on boats we experienced much - some funny, some frightening, some humbling. If you want something different for your event or gathering, or just have a chat, or a moan, or learn which bank account to deposit money in (!), please... get in touch.


I also enjoy woodwork so here’s a bit about that.


I am Type 2 Diabetic so have chronicled my diagnosis and treatment. Not for personal gain but as a warning about what can happen if you fail to look after yourelf, at least a little. I am no killjoy, I can reassure you of that. There's also a more unpleasant condition, also basically self-inflicted, that is mentioned too. Read at your peril...

At a wedding - not ours.

(Although it's probably the same jacket)

Renovating the bedroom on our old dutch barge

Having 'Braved The Shave'

for Macmillan Cancer

With my favourite lady