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Need a speaker for your event?


Jo and Jan give entertaining talks on their boating days

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Our talks accompanied by a slide show.

Topics include:


  • Building of the shell and internal fit-out. 'Not as tedious as it sounds!!'
  • Cruising the waterways of England and Wales - '4 mph, 120,000 blurred photos and some fascinating places.'


    • Refurbishing a 110-year-old barge - 'Go on then, you try asking for a stainless steel screw in Dutch.'
    • Cruising in Holland
    • Windmills, water and tall (but very friendly) people


        Holland to France

    • A memorable six-month, 1000 kilometre journey
    • Central Holland to Burgundy 
    • Amazing places and wonderful people


        Cruising in France

    • 'A wonderful opportunity to upset people in a new language.'
    • Two talks covering five years 
    • We showcase our 'home port' in St. Jean de Losne, Burgundy.
    • Meet other boat dwellers from an assortment of countries
    • Share many amazing exeriences in a fascinating country
    • Lots of fun, but some nervous moments too, on the rivers and canals of central France

        France to Belgium

    • Travelling new waterways north, via Dunkirk, to Belgium, our final country
    • Memorable and emotive tales from Flanders 
    • A visit to Ypres and The Menen Gate
    • Our preparations to leave the water and our beloved boat for the last time


    The talks are light-hearted and cater for mixed audiences, men only or ladies only.

    We include many photographs, each one doctored on Photoshop to make the sun shine and Jo look thinner


    There is no minimum audience but we prefer 30

    (so if 15 actually stay awake it's worth carrying on!)

    This bit is not true! Don't be put off - it's a joke!

        Here are a few testimonials that people were bribed to submit.............

        'I recently attended a talk with Jo and Jan on the start of their lives on a boat. This was entertaining, educational, amusing and a little poignant. I am looking forward to the next instalment and would have no hesitation in recommending them for similar engagements.'


        David Kershaw via email

        Everyone I spoke to after your talk to Oldham Probus last Wednesday thoroughly enjoyed the talk about building your narrow boat and I can well understand how you must miss the life on board. We certainly would like to book you both again for next year.........


        Trevor Butterworth, Probus, Oldham