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Book Number Seven.

Twice Removed

Published April 2022

I’ve taken things into my own hands and created a town.


The modern world can be a frustrating place to live. Sometimes it feels that we’re being swept along by things we can’t control by people who don’t give a damn.


Our new town is called Thistledean. It’s both the setting for our story and a place I would like to live. It’s a quirky place nestled below the Fells of Northumberland. It's a unique blend of the recent past and distant past, held together by wacky assortment of inhabitants who feverishly protect their way of life.


Tony Mason is one such resident. He befriends Julia, an elderly visitor, when she falls off a bus. An unusual encounter but the start of a fascinating, friendship which Julia subsequently describes, touchingly, as a crinkly love affair. She is ‘somewhere over 80’, more than a generation older than Tony, and rather unsteady on her pins.


Thistledean is a peculiar place but a warm place. As one transient visitor said, ‘It’s somewhere I’m not sure I want to visit again, but perversely a place I would like to live.’

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