Time for a grump

(If I want to a moan I will, thank you very much)

    Greta, the root vegetable from Scandinavia proclaimed that her future had been stolen.


    She screeched and preached a doctrine conceived by the eco loons. ‘Activists’ who have limitless financial backing, money squeezed from the swamp of the misguided green revolution. She is part of a manic, unproven narrative that explains why we are in such a mess financially and why ordinary people in towns and cities across the globe are having to make the choice between eating and heating.


    This manipulated, septic little twerp was coached to spout the propaganda bought and paid for by the bottomless pit of eco cash. Some of that cash incidentally has been ‘borrowed’ from you and me. Borrowed without our say-so - and which we are now paying back.


    With her face screwed up like a badly ironed vest, she sermonized, clueless and care-less to the damage she was doing to ordinary folk.


    One thousand kilometres to the southwest lie nearly 55,000 soldiers who gave their lives so this misguided little minx could live free. Actually, they don’t lie here because their bodies were so badly smashed they were either unrecognizable or never found at all. Their names are engraved on the Portland stone panels within The Menen gate in Ypres, Flanders. It is the final resting place of the brave, selfless souls who died so we could live.

    Every single one of them worth a thousand of these modern-day ‘eco-warriors’.


    What really irks is that those soldiers died facing a direct and dreadful threat. Their ultimate goal to preserve our freedom from a warped tyranny. Twice they did it! Thousand upon thousand paid the ultimate price but would never live that freedom. They would not live to see the poppies that now represent them dance in the breeze.


    Look on those poppies Greta and remember.


    What about today’s ‘enemy’?


   Well, it’s anthropogenic climate change and CO2 levels. However, it all appears to be based on flawed and spurious data, a foundation of straw. Did you see Attenborough’s penguins? I didn’t, but heard about the tear-jerking scenes. I also heard about a new colony of 1.5 million penguins discovered in 2018, conveniently not mentioned by the BBC in its quest for eco-doom. In addition, climate models, on which the whole eye-wateringly expensive net-zero fiasco is based, is built on doubtful data. Recent evidence suggests that 36 major climate models are useless and overestimate the ACTUAL temperature rises, some by three times.


   Thing is, we don’t get the full facts. We get one side, the side that never seems to benefit you and me, the ordinary Joes. We are not even allowed to hear alternative theories. How is anybody expected to be able to make a rational decision?


   Let’s be honest, it was (and still is) the same with those damned covid vaccines. That whole thing is unravelling. Not on mainstream media of course, but in scientific journals via articles and research papers written my actual scientists and experts as opposed to ‘fact-checkers’ who’s fake facts are paid for by the pharmaceutical companies and publicized by a media funded ultimately by the same organisations.

    Mind you there was a debate in the House of Commons last Monday! That’s a step in the right direction. However, there wasn’t a whisper about the debate on mainstream media. That of course includes the BBC, a public-funded organisation supposedly reporting to and representing the whole of the UK. It’s shameful really.


    Over the last couple of years, I’ve been called a conspiracist, an anti-vaxxer, a murdering tw*t and a c*nt.

    But I was right. I listened to and believed the right people way back in early 2020. Back when that dick-head Ferguson was telling us erroneously that half a million would perish. Never in the field of human proclamation has such dangerous bollocks been believed by so many.


    The Great Barrington Declaration (GBD) has been proved unequivocally right. Just look and read it, then try and deny that the signatories were not absolutely correct. Furthermore, look at the professions of those co-signatories - immunologists, epidemiologists, microbiologists, psychologists, biophysicists etc. etc.


    They are NOT modellers who were paid and ‘encouraged’ to give worst-case-scenario, sensationalist advice. Advice on which the global response was based. The GBD suggested focussed protection for the elderly and vulnerable and to allow the rest of the world get on with living. They were spot on.


   Emerging evidence / analysis from Professor John Ioannidis (Profile Here) suggests the vaccinations are causing immune deficiency in some people, thereby actually raising their risk of dying from SARS-CoV-2 infection, even with the now-milder strains.


    Recent figures, detailing the risk of dying, confirm our abject stupidity in following the course we did.

   Before the COVID jabs were rolled out, if you were 19 or younger, your risk of dying of COVID was 0.0003%. Only 3 per 1 million infected with COVID at this age ended up dying.


   These are known facts but we still vaccinate healthy, young people, partly so we won’t infect granny. But they don’t stop transmission anyway! It is just crazy, criminal even.


    The real-world risk of dying from COVID-19 based on published data from the Irish census bureau and the central statistics office for 2020 and 2021 is as follows:


    For people under 70, the death rate was 0.014%

    Under 50 years of age, it was 0.002%, which equates to a 1 in 50,000 risk, or about the same as dying from fire or smoke inhalation.

    Under 25 years of age, the mortality rate was 0.00018%, or 1 in 500,000 risk of dying from COVID.


    We were brain-washed into believing ‘the narrative’. From the CEOs of the biggest companies, world leaders and politicians, right down through the lowliest local councillors we were fed a one-sided narrative that is now costing us economically, psychologically and physically.


    The biggest tragedy is that life-saving information has been withheld from the vast majority of people. Freedom of speech and debate has been, and is being, throttled.

    Professionals who speak out, that's doctors, professors, nurses for example, have been sacked for telling the truth or making the choice not to be vaccinated.

    You see, in my case I have vascular problems, so clots from vaccines are not ideal for me. I spend between two and three hours every day trying to keep mysef in reasonable shape, to keep my compromised legs going. In fact, to keep  my compromised legs - full stop! However, I was persuaded to allow them to inject crap into my body. I was told it would stop me getting poorly, that there would be no side-effects and that I wouldn't be able to pass anything on. Most of that turned out to be complete and utter garbage! In additon, I wouldn't be allowed into a restaurant if I hadn't had the jabs or go to the shops or ride on a bus or go to the cinema or go to school ..........


    I truly hope that there will be a reckoning.


    Grump over.

    I’m going for a walk.