It seems to me that bright, dishonest people have more influence than bright, honest people.

    Want to take out a mortgage? Where do you go? That’s easy, it’s got to be the outfit recommended by the bloke in the bus shelter. He’s following the advice of a chap in the Rose and Crown. Nailed on. Best rates anywhere by about two percentage points. And no penalties for early withdrawal. Job loss and life insurance included absolutely free if you sign up withing 48 hours!

    No, of course you don’t!

   You do your due diligence. You look long and hard and extremely carefully before making a decision that will affect the rest of your life. There’s a chance you still might get shafted, but at least you’ve done your best to make the right decision.

    OK. We’re happy in our new home with an attractive fixed-rate mortgage. Mind you, it’s a bit of a stretch, what with the latest 60-incher in the corner of the lounge and a 60-grander in the driveway, but manageable, if both of us work like fuck.

    Then along comes a pandemic. There’s a bit of a panic on because Numinous Neil Ferguson tells us that if we don’t all do this and that we’ll lose half a million of our citizens. Neil’s track record isn’t great…….

2001 Foot and Mouth. prediction 150,000 deaths. Actual <200 (< = less than)

2002 BSE (Mad Cow Disease) Prediction 50,000 deaths. Actual 177.

2005 Bird Flu. Prediction 150 million worldwide. Actual 282 between 2003 and 2009.

2009 Swine Flu. A government estimate, based on Ferguson’s advice, said a “reasonable worst-case scenario”. Prediction 65,000 British deaths. Actual 457.

2020 March. Ferguson admitted that his Imperial College model of the COVID-19 disease was based on undocumented, 13-year-old computer code that was intended to be used for a feared influenza pandemic, rather than a coronavirus. Ferguson declined to release his original code so other scientists could check his results.

    He’s a modeller you see, programmed to provide the very worst case scenarios. A chap whose advice is about as reliable as the bloke in the bus shelter. In fact, it’s worse than that, the models are based on the parameters of whoever is asking. In this case our leaders – political, social and medical.

    The UK’s response to Covid was based on Ferguson’s guesstimation that 500,000 would die. There were caveats, such as, ‘if no measures were put in place’. Although the government would have been aware of this caveat, all the authorities wanted the public to see was 500,000 writ large in red across the top of the tabloids. Result – panic.

This was in fact the first obfuscation in a litany of falsehoods and misleading representations delivered to us by the powers that be via main stream media since the beginning of 2020 and is still ongoing today (Jan 16 2023).

    To propagate the insanity, The Trusted News Initiative, a ‘news cartel’ was set up. At the very centre of which, is our very own state broadcaster, The BBC. A broadcaster paid for by British Tax Payers to deliver news, not manipulate it for political purpose and financial reward. ‘Core partners’ include Associated Press, Agence-France Press, CBC/Radio-Canada, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the Financial Times, First Draft, Google/YouTube, The Hindu, The Nation Media Group, Meta (formerly Facebook), Microsoft, Reuters, the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, Twitter and the Washington Post.

   All convene and conspire to tell us exactly what they want us to hear. More importantly, they don’t tell us what they don’t want us to hear. There is no room for debate, no room for any other message other than the one upon which they decide. Does money change hands? You bet your life it does. The vaccines (that are not vaccines) were not tested, were barely effective against the disease in the vast majority of people and didn’t prevent transmission. Worse they are actually doing us harm. All this despite world leaders, health ‘experts’, Corporate CEOs, politicians from leaders to lowly councillors looking us in the eye and telling us they are ‘safe and effective and save lives’. Time after time after time the specious, inaccurate message was pummelled into us – until we believed it!

    The chance that children will die from covid are so infinitesimally small as to be virtually unmeasurable. Yet, even today, the government is recommending a jab for those 5-years and older. (6-months old in the USA!). This despite (last week when I looked) 277,000+ adverse reactions in the UK to the Pfizer jab alone! Including deaths.

    Why the hell don’t we hear about that from the Trusted News Initiative?

    What they do, rather than debate and discuss for the common good is to obfuscate. If a scientist or politician comes up with something contra the narrative, rather then listen and consider the point of view, the ‘machine’ goes into overdrive and squashes the ‘guilty party’. They apply a sticking plaster, hoping that this localised, temporary problem will stay contained. It won’t for ever.

    In effect, what they do is investigate how we cut our leg while we, as a nation, bleed to death.

    So, we’ve discussed, investigated, considered and chosen a mortgage based on plenty of freely available unbiased, fair advice and we’re happy. As far as we know, on the financial front, there is nothing deliberately being withheld from us. No financial rat lurking behind the skirting board. There might be a war or some other natural disaster that influences our mortgage payments, but hopefully these are incidental rather than deliberate – and temporary.

    Did I get impartial, honest advice before I was injected three times with a vaccine that isn’t a vaccine? No, I didn’t.

    Did you? No, you didn’t.

    Did your children? No, utterly shamefully, they didn’t.

    Were we deliberately lied to? Yes, we were.

    There are literally thousands and thousands of papers, articles and research data out there, written by real scientists. People who are experts and specialists in their respective fields. There are many honest, impartial specialists with no vested interest. They are on our side, not the side of profit. They gave us advice right back at the beginning of the pandemic but they were ignored, shut down, de-platformed and discredited. What they invariably were was absolutely, 100% correct.

   The three who co-wrote The Great Barrington Declaration were a Professor of Theoretical Epidemiology, a professor of medicine and another professor of medicine who is also a biostatistician. No mass lockdowns they advocated and focussed protection. Both absolutely correct. The three have gained almost a million supporters including 16,000 Medical and Public Health Scientists and nearly 50,000 Medical Practitioners.

    Did you know that in 2019 the WHO (World Health Organisation) formulated a worldwide pandemic plan? 2019 note, before anyone had ever heard of Wuhan, Covid, mRNA, Ferguson etc.

Spookily, within a couple of months of the publication of the WHOs pandemic plan, a pandemic arrived! In the plan there was no mention of lockdowns at all, it would have been considered too ridiculous to lock every person in their own home! But then China decided on a lockdown and the rest of the world ignored WHO advice and followed trustworthy China’s lead.

    We, that’s you, me and every other person on the planet has been fed spurious (at best) information right from the start. I’m actually angry and embarrassed that I listened and believed the bullshit when we should have been listening to those with experience and knowledge.

    And the corruption, for corruption on a massive level is what it really is, has flourished.

    Many scientists and experts have been bought off to provide research results that back ‘the narrative’. These people rely on funding from the likes of pharmaceutical companies. And there is plenty of money available. Pfizer’s $100 billion revenue in 2022 alone, buys a lot of loyalty.

    Here’s a shocker………. (Having said that, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.)

    A prominent, leading heart surgeon / cardiologist was speaking with a group of researchers who had found evidence of inflammation around the coronary arteries linked to the vaccines. The researchers had a meeting and decided NOT TO PUBLISH their findings because they feared losing funding from the drug industry!

    I understand the CEOs and leading politicians misleading us for financial or political gain. We, the public, have been hoodwinked for centuries by those feathering their own nests. It’s just the scale of this deception that is so incomprehensible. There has already been lots of unnecessary suffering, psychologically, medically and financially, but what has been done to us will escalate to become something even the BBC can’t ignore.

    My lasting vision of this whole debacle is some of our our local councillors (not all) looking us in the eye and feeding us dangerous, inaccurate propaganda. That is absolutely unforgivable.