MPs and Medics

MPs and Medics

Sir Tony Lloyd was my member of parliament. He passed away in January 2024. 


I read that he died of leukaemia. So did my father, albeit 50 years ago. On a personal basis I offer my sincere condolences to Sir Tony's family. It’s a wicked, horrid disease and although progress has undoubtedly been made in the fight to find a cure, it is still wreaking havoc among families worldwide.

On a professional level, I am rather less enamoured with my former MP.

Let me explain why. Regarding my wife and I, the worst times in our lives have been those when we weren’t in control. Like when she was desperately ill and told she’d probably die before the new millennium. You feel pretty helpless at times like that and you’re relying utterly on other people, and the fates. There’s little she could do except fight like hell. I watched her fight and dreaded every day. Somehow she came through and since then we’ve controlled whatever we can with a view keeping her well. Diet, lifestyle, exercise, the mental side - all these things we could, and still can, control.

We have gone our own way and hate relying on other people and we hate being backed into a corner. Then, starting about four years ago, along comes a series of events we couldn’t control. Starting with covid. It’s at times like this we rely on people – those who are employed to look after our interests. I could see things badly wrong with the way we were handling the pandemic. Me a layman, and ordinary Joe learned by watching, reading and listening to highly qualified scientists – people inexplicably not given a voice on mainstream media. I knew mistakes were being made and me and my family were getting swept along with it – out of control.

One of the people who could act on our behalf was my MP, Sir Tony Lloyd, a man in a position of influence right at the heart of the establishment. I emailed him on 3rd July 2022 asking whether he would be attending a debate in the House of Commons concerning the safety of the vaccine rollout on behalf of his constituents.

My email and his reply are reproduced at the end of this article.

The reply I received was frankly insulting and ignored the fact that my grandchildren were already being blackmailed, via their parents, into being vaccinated. Vaccinated with something that was not only untested and dangerous, but also virtually useless, particularly for the young whose chance of serious illness and death was so infinitesimally small as to be almost undetectable. I knew this by listening to the science and by mid 2022 there was literally a mountain of information available for anyone really concerned with their family's welfare. So why wasn’t the horror of vaccinaing children trumpeted from the rooftops? The only thing vaccinating children did was provide a pathetically inadequate shield for cowardly adults.

Sir Tony stated in his reply that the vaccine rollout had been debated on ‘several occasions’ in Parliament. It hadn’t, because a debate, by definition, has two sides, and we heard only one - the mantra of 'The Machine'. We, the public, were railroaded into following a track that was known to be dangerous then and has since been shown to be an ongoing disaster. The Vaccines had NOT proved themselves ‘safe and effective’, not then, not now. The only reason that the vaccines ‘have been the crucial factor in the country being able to open back up’ is that we, his constituents, had been blackmailed into taking these nightmare concoctions – multiple times. Get the jab they said or you lose your job. Be injected they said or no travel, no holidays, no shopping, no meals out etc. etc. And yes, there are side-effects ranging from mild to deadly.

Among the rhetoric, Sir Tony also failed to answer my initial question, so I can only conclude he did not attend the debate.

His letter, every aspect of which I and many others can refute, appears to be a generic, party-generated response designed to a) appease and mollify anyone without a questioning bone in their body, b) promote a misleading establishment generated agenda and c) satisfy his paymasters at central office who in turn need to satisfy their corporate paymasters.

Let's be quite clear here - MPs and Councillors are afforded the ultimate privilege - they have the opportunity to look after the most precious things of all - us. That's normal, vulnerable, honest citizens and their dependent families.

What I find most distressing about the whole debacle (including vaccines / lockdowns / masks / distancing etc. etc.) is that locally elected people looked us in the eye, smiled and shook our hands promising to look after our interests - before turning their backs and betraying us. That is absolutely unforgivable. Councillors local to me, such as Janet Elmsley, (also elected by local people, some of whom are weak and vulnerable, primarily the old and young) told everyone throughout 2021 week after week after week in a sickening, sickly email to get injected. There wasn't even the hint of a disclaimer. Had she, and others, done their due diligence before dishing out potentially life-altering (or ending) health advice, she would have known that there were problems, serious problems. On the other hand, if she was merely following party guidelines in order to keep her stipend, that is even worse, and shame on you.

Inexcusably, the betrayal could have been stopped at any point. We can't gloss over the the fact that enormous damage that has already been done, but if just one of the groups supposed to look after our interests, whether elected or paid, had shown the courage and morality to stand up for us 'normal' citizens, further damage could have been avoided. Two such groups are the medical profession or our elected representatives. Either group, en masse, is a powerful force. But, it appears the stumbling block to integrity is money – there was, and still is, too much to lose, politically and financially.


My father was a Consultant specialising in respiratory diseases and, according to both those who met him and whoever it was who penned his obituary in the British Medical Journal, he was an honest and much respected doctor. As such, I simply don’t believe he would have stood by and allowed this horror to have been put on us. Even under threat of losing his medical licence (which has happened to doctors who dared to speak out), I believe he would have stood up for his family, friends and patients. A few medics have made a stand for the truth under severe sufferance amid cowardly bullying from both their professional bodies and the political machine. Some have gone, some have clung on, but all are tainted and scarred. On the back of that, through vitriolic stoking by mainstream media, they became, utterly unjustifiably, pariahs. Covid affected the lungs, at least in its earlier manifestations; later it was more the upper airways respiratory infection and far less dangerous. My father would have understood the disease and it’s treatments and made decisions based on evidence, not political bullying or corporate blackmail. I'm convinced that if there was even a chance of a treatment doing harm, he would not have done it. Doctor's Hippocratic Oath - 'First do no harm'.


In essence, I simply refuse to accept that those charged with taking care of us didn’t have at least a suspicion that something was awry, from early in 2021 - and increasingly so as time went on.

Just think about this today as you look your health care professional or political representative in the eye: there would have been a point at which they heard a whisper that there was a problem, or something louder than a whisper. There would also have been a point where they chose not to act, by choosing to withhold information from us or simply ignoring the facts. And what for? Ultimately, cold hard cash. And here lies the real horror of it.


But, even as ‘the bureaucratic machine’ was taking our country to the depths, there was a wonderful opportunity for one political party or the other to be honest and tell the truth, to actually stand up for us. They could have unmasked the betrayal for what it was and been rewarded with our respect, and indeed parliamentary power, for generations to come. In addition of course, to saving countless lives. Shamefully, that boat sailed and they missed that chance.


I hear and read that Sir Tony was a decent man. I applaud and respect him for that and I’m sure he’ll be greatly missed by his family and friends, much as my dad’s death still haunts my family more than half a century on. It’s a pity Sir Tony couldn’t carry the obvious love and dedication he had as a family man into some crucial corners of his professional life.


(Footnote: A final note to being in control. I and many others believe that we were manipulated and lied to during the pandemic on numerous fronts. Indeed it is still the case with soaring excess deaths ignored and the Covid inquiry turning into a politicized joke. Sir Tony Lloyd was part of The Machine.

Now there is Net Zero, where things are utterly outside the control of ordinary people – we are being manipulated again. Our domestic fuel bills are crippling us and the extortionate amount of money being spent on wind and solar technology, that hasn’t a hope of fulfilling our requirements, is crippling the country. A few people are getting extraordinarily rich to pursue a goal based on flawed climate change modelling while many ordinary people are getting poor and cold.

Farmers all over the world are protesting about losing their livelihoods because of laws and regulations being imposed by those in the pay of the elite rich. Thankfully they have the courage to stand up. And what does the mainstream media say about these hard working farmers who grow the food we eat - that they are right wing nazis! Where the hell did that come from?? 

I’m not going to tell you to go and look – but each of us has the chance to reach beyond the mainstream and find some truth. Or at the very least an alternative narrative – one that has been continually withheld from ordinary people. I looked and made my own mind up.)




By Email. Fri, Jun 3, 2022, 8:53AM


From: Jo May 



Dear Tony


Just to let you know I have signed a petition calling for a parliamentary debate on Covid Vaccines.

Too much evidence has been ruthlessly shut out of public debate.

Mistakes have been made and perhaps recriminations should follow.

At the very least, people need to know the implications of current and future vaccination programmes. 

Many people believe that too many have a) received the vaccine unnecessarily, i.e. the young and healthy who were at virtually zero risk of serious illness / death, and b) have experienced serious, some fatal, reactions to the vaccine.


MPs should represent their constituents, not a propaganda, political and money led agenda.


Kind regards

Jeremy (Jo) May



By email: Fri, Jul 15, 2022, 12:12PM


From: Tony Lloyd MP <>

To: Jo May


Thank you for contacting me regarding a parliamentary debate on Covid vaccines. 

The Covid vaccine rollout has been debated in Parliament on several occasions over the course of the pandemic. The medical community tell us that vaccines have proved themselves to be safe and effective, and have been the crucial factor in the country being able to open back up. 

All vaccines and medicines have some side effects. These need to be balanced against the benefits in preventing illness. Over 200,000 Covid deaths have been recorded across the UK. Meanwhile, most reports of Covid vaccine side effects relate to injection-site reactions such as a sore arm and generalised symptoms such as a ‘flu-like’ illness. Generally, these are not associated with more serious illness and likely reflect an expected, normal immune response to the vaccines.

Side effects to the vaccine are continuously monitored and the data is published. Currently the expected benefits of the vaccines in preventing Covid far outweigh any currently known side effects.


Tony Lloyd MP
Member of Parliament for Rochdale