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Let's be Frank

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Frank is a terrier / poodle cross - either a pooter or a troodle in the lexicon of designer dogs.

He thought it was about time we had a dog’s eye view of the world. After all he read his Dad's books and reckoned he couldn't do any worse!

Throughout history canines have been under-represented in the tower of literary babel. This little book is Frank’s attempt to begin to put that right.

He’s taken to his laptop to explain just why human beings (Uprights as he calls them) have made such a hash of things.


Dogs have evolved in many disciplines, from ratting to rescue. They’ve become a collective of specialists, yet all share the same uncomplicated outlook on life, largely revolving around food and sleep.

That’s why Frank - and his motley collection of friends – is in the perfect position to sniff out any number of man-made debacles and teach the Uprights a thing or two.


He touches on topics such as education and religion but largely concentrates on things that really matter, like eating and friendship.

Frank and his mates

    A couple of snippets from Let's be Frank ........

    Interviewer: So tell me Frank, where do you get your inspiration?

   "I get my material from four main sources. Firstly, general observation as I mooch around the area. Secondly, by closely observing Dad, who is reasonably representative of humans, if rather towards the eccentric end of their spectrum. Thirdly, the canine Internet, colloquially known as The World Wide Wag, or Wag for short. And lastly my daily newspaper, which is perhaps the most intriguing source of information.

    Yes, I go out and read my newspaper three times a day, four sometimes. It's an ever-changing newsreel of perfumes and pongs. I troop round the park and playing fields with Mum or Dad (sometimes both if they haven’t had a row) and find out what’s been going on at ground level. From a distance my paper doesn’t change much from day to day, but look closely, take trouble to sniff out  a story, and you’ll find each new edition is very different. I’m familiar with most regular contributors, friends who’ve had a pee here or a poo there, folks who’s smells and signatures have become familiar."

   and, he laments......

    "Been to the dogtor for an MOT. Bit unfortunate really - I’m officially fat! Ten percent too heavy, she says. Eleven kilos rather than ten. Fortunately, The World Wide Wag is a valuable source of lifestyle pointers. Fitness, I read, is in the mind. General well-being means being in control of your body and thoughts. Positivity, optimism and a forward-thinking attitude, that’s what keeps us young. That, plus about 22 hours sleep a day (and as much food as we can get)."