Twice Removed

Twice Removed is Jo's brand new novel, published in April 2022.

Twice Removed is set in a northern English town called Thistledean.

It is a town created by me using a good dose of literary license! 

Why? Well, I was spurred on because I'd become exasperated with the frustrations of modern life. I felt like a tumbleweed blown around by the self-serving machinations of strangers making ill-considered decisions behind closed doors in non-descript civic offices. All out of my control.

So, I did something about it. I created a place I would like to live.

Then I wrote a story set in the town I had invented. Each time I sat down to write I took a trip to my new town where I laughed with my new friends, wandered through the market, shared a pint with the locals in the pub and wandered the wonderful hills.

All at my own speed.

You’d think that as the writer, I would be in charge of things, conversations for example. But as characters developed, they took on a life of their own and began to converse in their own way, offering opinions whether I liked them or not. It's peculiar listening to characters I'd invented, answer me back and poke fun at me. But isn’t that what friendship is about?

Inadvertently, I’ve invented a new set of friends.

Even though the story is complete, I still visit. When things get fraught, I get in my imaginary vehicle, head north and escape for an hour or two. 

The town's civic affairs are overseen by an eight-person committee, nicknamed 'The Junta'. They ensure fair play, making sure that Thistledean remains firmly wrapped in the dressing gown and slippers of its gentle past. It's a place I love to visit.