Twice Removed

Twice Removed is the first book in The Thistledean Trilogy

The books are set in Thistledean, a small town in the north of England.

You can see is an introduction to the town and characters HERE.

It includes a rather peculiar short story! 


In this first novel we get to know Sandy Mason and his friends. We're also introduced to the weird workings of their home town.

Our story is narrated by Sandy's nephew, Jake. Jake has unexpectedly inherited his uncle's apartment which occupies the first and second floors of a building overlooking the town square. 

Jake discovers six hand-written journals that describe the last fifteen years of Sandy's life. He settles down in what used to be Sandy's old, wing-back chair to read the memoirs. Jake gets drawn in. Sandy's life, it turns out, was far from straightforward. Jake is so taken with Sandy's story he decides they deserve a wider audience than just him so he published them.

Early in the tale he encounterd Julia, a lady who needed help to unravel her past, and a wonderful friendship began. They travelled through her memories hoping to find answers to questions unanswered for most of her life. 

Julia is a wonderful, vibrant lady a generation older than Sandy. They meet wen they both need someone, she someone to trust, he someone to cherish. Together they travel throughout the UK and France to unravel Julia's past. They discover some disturbing things about Julia's life. Her past is not what she believed.

They stir up hidden memories in distant corners and re-awaken the ghosts of long-buried ancestors. Ancestors who some people today would prefer to keep buried.

Sandy's encounter with Julia was the catalyst for him to begin to observe people. He spied them from the bay window of his second-floor apartment, targeted them and went for a chat, sometimes getting more than he bargained for. He referred to himself as an observer. The landlady at the pub (Lizzie) called him a snoop. Whichever, he means no harm and the result for us is a glimpse of an offbeat world.